I came into this world with many disadvantages and hurdles stacked against me.  As a result, I was a physical and emotional wreck by the time I hit adulthood.  A friend, seeing me crumble, strongly urged me to seek help and directed me to Leslie, an amazing therapist, who under the guidance and mentoring of Pia Mellody’s model has literally brought me back to life.  This model has helped me realize how my current behaviors and struggles all stem from a lifetime of abuse and neglect.  By reparenting my inner child/ren, as per Pia Mellody’s model, I finally feel like I am reborn.  I am eternally grateful I found Leslie and this model of healing childhood trauma.              –ML, NY

Leslie’s use of EMDR and Internal Family Systems during sessions with me were paramount in creating a sense of wholeness during a trying time in my life. The work we did helped me find balance and carried me toward a more self led life.          -RP, NYC

Through Leslie’s help and EFT, I was able to remarkably and easily stop biting my nails… a lifelong problem of 30 years gone in 2 days. I was also able to easily lose 20 pounds through my work with her.       -JT, Queens

My father committed suicide and having been close to him, I experienced enormous grief. My family and I began family sessions. It was helpful to debrief in a safe place. She brought us through the experience; recognizing our feelings of  shock, guilt and anger. She also provided education about depression.

Although my siblings felt that they had sufficiently processed the loss, I continued  to see Leslie because my feelings of guilt and responsibility remained. EMDR was used and the process lifted my pain. Following the EMDR, I have been less obsessed with guilt and can function more productively in my life.    -CD, NYC

I walked into Leslie a complete emotional and psychological mess. Both her skill level and personality helped me get grounded and allowed me to process and enormous amount of pain.   -DF,  NJ

My work with Leslie led to the greatest breakthrough of my life.  Her expert psychotherapy and EMDR techniques, peppered with genuine compassion and insight, created a safe haven for me to effectively explore my life.  It was like a rebirth!  I am now grounded and living a healthy and empowered life,  for which I can never thank Leslie enough.    -SW,  NY

My work with Leslie was so transforming.  It pierced through so many of the barriers I had put up in order to survive.  I finally was able to comfort the wounded child in me, with  Leslie’s guidance.  In addition to Leslie’s masterful skill, what made my work with her so uniquely healing was her deep understanding, true compassion, enjoyable personality,  fine character and her humility and clarity.  The healing that I have experienced is nothing short of miraculous.  I consider myself very lucky that I was led to Leslie and her amazing work.  She believed in me, in the strength of my innate human power and gave me the best gift I could ever have dreamed of; the freedom to be me and the happiness I always wished for.     -CG, NY

After several years of traditional talk therapy my healing came to a standstill due to the intense somatic experiences, flashbacks, and dissociation caused by my childhood abuse and neglect. PTSD was taking over my life. Consequently, my marriage was strained and my husband and I were slowly drifting apart. I was completely overwhelmed and distraught. It was then that my therapist introduced me to Leslie Rawlings.

Leslie’s unique approach to emotional healing is both therapeutic and empowering. Through the use of EMDR, she guided me in working through the memories from a detached, yet fully present manner. This not only helped me put my past into perspective, but also taught me to control the dissociation and to ground myself when triggered by flashbacks.

The ‘parts’ work (IFS) that Leslie used in conjunction with the EMDR was dynamic! In her constructive and non-judgmental style she inspired me to observe, value, and unburden my internal parts of fear, shame, and rage. The ability to come from a self-led place enabled me to perceive my actions/reactions in a more compassionate way. My relationship with myself changed; naturally, my marriage improved too.

Leslie challenged my thought processes thus stimulating internal growth, healing, and introspection. Today I feel secure and confident in facing life’s challenges. My past does not define me. I’ve conquered the PTSD. The internal tranquility I feel from having my parts work in harmony is profound!      -TN, NY

After years of therapy, trying to undue a traumatic childhood, Leslie was able to help almost immediately.  With her keen insight, sense of humor and great spirituality; she was able to understand and ‘get it’ like no one else before.

Leslie is able to get to the root of the problem and help decrease the trauma and pain by helping people to help themselves!     -LL, NY

Leslie somehow integrates different modalities of trauma and has helped me to understand who I was created to be.  I am not my trauma! I have finally found what I have been looking for!     -ES, NJ